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Volume 7, No. 1 - Fall 2005

Issue #13



Ari Armstrong, 9975 Wadsworth Pkwy. #K2-111, Westminster, Colorado 80021, email: <>, graduated from Pepperdine University in 1994 with a B.A. in economics and a minor in philosophy. He edits The Colorado Freedom Report, and he has written articles about politics and culture for The Washington Post, The Denver Post, The Rocky Mountain News, Liberty, and other publications.

Roger E. Bissell, professional musician and graduate student at California Coast University, email: <>, url: <>, is a writer on psychology and philosophy. His work has appeared in a number of other publications, including Reason Papers, Objectivity, Journal of Consciousness Studies, Bulletin of the Association for Psychological Type, Vera Lex, and ART Ideas. Information about a jazz CD released in December 2003 and featuring Roger's trombone playing, can be accessed from <>.

Nicholas Dykes, email: <>, is a British/Canadian writer currently living in England. His philosophical essays include "Debunking Popper" (Reason Papers #24, 1999); A Tangled Web of Guesses: A Critical Examination of the Philosophy of Karl Popper (1996); and "Mrs. Logic and the Law" (1998), a critique of Ayn Rand's view of government. His work has also appeared in Full Context, Free Life, and other journals. A book, Fed Up with Government?, the manifesto for a British 'Libertarian Party,' was published in 1991. He is currently working on a novel.

Kevin Hill, Ph.D. Philosophy, <>.

Michael Huemer, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder, email: <>, url: <>, received his Ph.D. from Rutgers University in 1998. His primary research is in the areas of epistemology and ethics. He is the author of Skepticism and the Veil of Perception (Rowman & Littlefield, 2001) and over twenty articles in philosophy.

Peter Jaworski, email: <>, url: <>, blog: <>, is a Humane Studies Fellow completing an MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy at the London School of Economics. He received an MA in Philosophy from the University of Waterloo under the supervision of Jan Narveson, and will be pursuing his Ph.D. in Philosophy at Bowling Green State University. He has been published in the Reader's Digest, the National Post, the Western Standard, among others. He has interned at the Cato Institute as a Charles G. Koch Fellow, as well as at the Fraser Institute (Canada). He is the winner of the 2005 Felix Morley Journalism Prize. He is an editorial board member of Ama-Gi: The Journal of the Hayek Society at the London School of Economics. He was an Issue Editor of Eidos: The Canadian Graduate Student Journal of Philosophy, for an issue devoted to the political philosophy of Robert Nozick.

Roderick T. Long, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, 6080 Haley Center, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama 36849, email: <>, url: <>, A.B. Harvard 1985, Ph.D. Cornell 1992, is the author of Reason and Value: Aristotle versus Rand (The Objectivist Center, 2000) and Wittgenstein, Austrian Economics, and the Logic of Action: Praxeological Investigations (Routledge, 2006). He edits The Journal of Libertarian Studies <>; runs a fledgling think tank, the Molinari Institute <>; blogs at Austro-Athenian Empire <>; and is currently engaged in translating some of the works of Gustave de Molinari (1819-1912), the originator of free-market anarchism.

Kirsti Minsaas, e-mail: <>, is a literary scholar, formerly associated with the University of Oslo, Norway. In addition to works on Shakespeare and Aristotle's Poetics, she has published several articles on Ayn Rand's literature and aesthetic theory. Her most recent contributions to Rand criticism are included in The Literary Art of Ayn Rand (The Objectivist Center, 2005). She is currently working on a monograph dealing with the romantic vision of Rand's fictional world.

Chris Matthew Sciabarra, Visiting Scholar, Department of Politics, New York University, 726 Broadway, 7th floor, New York, New York 10003, email: <>, url: <>, blog: <>, received his Ph.D. in political theory, philosophy, and methodology from New York University. He is the author of the "Dialectics and Liberty Trilogy," which includes Marx, Hayek, and Utopia (State University of New York Press, 1995), Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical (Penn State Press, 1995), and Total Freedom: Toward a Dialectical Libertarianism (Penn State Press, 2000). He is also co-editor, with Mimi Reisel Gladstein, of Feminist Interpretations of Ayn Rand (Penn State Press, 1999), and a founding co-editor of The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies.

Fred Seddon, email: <>, currently holds adjunct professorships at three universities in South Western Pennsylvania. He has been president of the West Virginia Philosophical Society since 1988 and is an associate member of the Center for the Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh. He is an international scholar and the author of over 100 books, articles, book reviews and speeches, including such works as Ayn Rand, Objectivists and the History of Philosophy, An Introduction to the Philosophical Works of F.S.C. Northrop, and Aristotle and Lukasiewicz on the Principle of Contradiction.

Robert White, P.O. Box 7581, Wellesley Street, Auckland, New Zealand, email: <>, is a Ph.D. candidate in political philosophy. He is currently finishing his doctoral thesis on the ethical foundations of Ayn Rand's theory of individual rights, which is being funded by a University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship. He has also lectured in political economy in the Department of Economics at the University of Auckland. His refereed publications include "Racism and the Law," which appeared in the 1996 issue of the Waikato Law Review. He has also written extensively for The Free Radical.




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