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Volume 4, No. 1 - Fall 2002

Issue #7



JAMES ARNT AUNE, Associate Professor, Department of Speech Communication, 102 Bolton Hall, Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas 77843-4234, email: <>, is a member of the Program in Presidential Rhetoric at the George Bush School of Government and Public Affairs. He is the author of the books Rhetoric and Marxism (Westview Press, 1994) and Selling the Free Market: The Rhetoric of Economic Correctness (Guilford Press, 2001), as well as a number of scholarly articles on the history of rhetoric and on public controversy over legal and economic issues.

ROGER E. BISSELL, professional musician and graduate student at California Coast University, email: <>, url: <>, is a writer on psychology and philosophy. His work has appeared in a number of publications, including Reason Papers, Objectivity, Journal of Consciousness Studies, Bulletin of the Association for Psychological Type, Vera Lex, and ART Ideas. He is currently working on a scholarly monograph on the Objectivist view of art as "microcosm."

WALTER BLOCK, Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair in Economics at Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana 70118, email:  <>, is also Adjunct Scholar at the Mises Institute and at the Hoover Institution. He has previously taught at the University of Central Arkansas, Holy Cross College, Baruch (C.U.N.Y.) and Rutgers Universities, and has worked in various research capacities for the Fraser Institute, the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Tax Foundation, The Financial Post, and Business Week magazine. Having earned his Ph.D. in economics from Columbia University, he has published numerous popular and scholarly articles on economics. An economic commentator on national television and radio, he lectures widely on public policy issues to university students, service, professional and religious organizations. He is the editor of a dozen books and is the author of seven more (the most famous of which is Defending the Undefendable). He has served as editor for The Journal of Labor Economics, Cultural Dynamics, The Review of Austrian Economics, The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, The Journal of Accounting, Ethics and Public Policy and The Journal of Libertarian Studies. He has contributed over 160 articles and reviews to these and other refereed journals. He was converted to libertarianism by Nathaniel Branden and Ayn Rand, whom he first met when the latter lectured at Brooklyn College, where he was an undergraduate.

WAYNE A. DAVIS, Professor and Chair, Philosophy Department, Georgetown University, Washington, D. C. 20057, email: <>, received his Ph.D. from Princeton in 1977. He previously taught at UCLA, Rice, and Washington University. He is the author of An Introduction to Logic (Prentice-Hall, 1986), Implicature (Cambridge, 1998), Meaning, Expression, and Thought (Cambridge, 2003) and articles on logic, philosophy of science, philosophical psychology, and philosophy of language in Philosophical Review, Mind, American Philosophical Quarterly, Linguistics and Philosophy and other journals. Editorial board member: Philosophical Studies and Philosophical Inquiry.

WILLIAM DWYER, 26119 Parkside Drive, Hayward, California 94542, email: <>, earned his B.A. in Philosophy from University of California, Berkeley, in 1973. His early contributions to Rand scholarship were among the first to be featured in a philosophical journal: The Personalist. These include such published articles as: "The Contradiction of 'The Contradiction of Determinism'" (Winter 1972); "A Reply to David Bold" (Summer 1973); "The Argument against 'An Objective Standard of Value'" (Spring 1974); "Criticisms of Egoism" (Spring 1975); and "Egoism and Renewed Hostilities" (Summer 1976). Dwyer is currently working towards a Masters in Economics at California State University at Hayward.

MARHSA FAMILARO ENRIGHT, 9400 S. Damen Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60620-5637, email: <>, B.A. Biology, Northwestern University, M.A. Psychology, The New School for Social Research, is a writer, educator and psychotherapist. She has been involved in the following educational and social organizations: The New Intellectual Forum (founder and club leader since 1987), Council Oak Montessori Elementary School (founder and Executive Director since 1990), The Fountainhead Institute (founder and lead instructor since 1999) and Camp Indecon (curriculum developer and instructor since 1998). She has written on many psychological and educational topics, including two articles for Objectivity:  "Why Man Needs Approval" and "Con Molto Sentimento: On the Evolutionary Neuropsychology of Music." She lectures frequently at the Summer Seminar of The Objectivist Center and elsewhere. Her interests are wide-ranging but always take a psychological bent.

DAVID KELLEY, Executive Director, The Objectivist Center, 11 Raymond Avenue, Suite 31, Poughkeepsie, New York 12603, email: <>, is the author of The Evidence of the Senses, The Art of Reasoning, A Life of One's Own, and numerous other articles, monographs, and reviews.

GEORGE B. LYONS, email: <>, is retired from computer applications in economic forecasting in banking, and has written on philosophy in "Compatibility of Determinism and Free Will" (Objectivity 2, no. 3, 1996). He holds a B.A. in economics and mathematics from The College of Wooster, Ohio, and has worked in software engineering as well as business economics.

TIBOR R. MACHAN, Distinguished Fellow and Professor at the Leatherby Center of Chapman University, Argyros School of Business and Economics, Orange, California 92866, email: <>, is also Professor Emeritus at Auburn University's Department of Philosophy and Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution (Stanford, California). He has written, among other works, Ayn Rand (Peter Lang, 1999), Generosity: Virtue in the Civil Society (Cato Institute, 1998), and Classical Individualism: The Supreme Importance of Each Human Being (Routledge, 1998). He is editor of the series "Philosophic Reflections on a Free Society" at the Hoover Institution Press.

DOUGLAS B. RASMUSSEN, Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, St. John's University, 8000 Utopia Parkway, Jamaica, New York 11439, email: <>, received his doctorate from Marquette University in 1980. In his dissertation, "Logical Possibility and Necessary Truth: The Viewpoint from an Intentional Logic," he argued against logico-linguistic accounts of necessary truth and in favor of a neo-Aristotelian account of natural necessity. This work integrated the insights of Henry B. Veatch, H. W. B. Joseph, and E. H. Madden with themes from Ayn Rand's Introduction to Objectivitist Epistemology. He is coeditor with Douglas Den Uyl of The Philosophic Thought of Ayn Rand (University of Illinois Press, 1984) and with Tibor Machan of Liberty for the Twenty-First Century (Roman & Littlefield, 1995). He is coauthor with James Sterba of The Catholic Bishops and the Economy: A Debate (Social Philosophy and Policy Center and Transaction Books, 1987) and with Douglas Den Uyl of Liberty and Nature: An Aristotelian Defense of Liberal Order (Open Court, 1991) and Liberalism Defended: The Challenge of Post-Modernity (Edward Elgar, 1997). He was also guest editor of the January 1992 issue of The Monist, on the topic "Teleology and the Foundation of Value." Rasmussen has published over eighty articles in various professional journals and books dealing with issues in epistemology, philosophy of language and logic, ethics, and political philosophy. A teacher of philosophy for nearly twenty-five years, he is currently coauthoring a book in political philosophy, tentatively titled, Human Flourishing and the Right to Liberty: A Perfectionist Basis for Non-Moralistic Politics, and providing a forward and annotated bibliography for the Liberty Fund Press publication of Henry B. Veatch's classic, Rational Man: A Modern Interpretation of Aristotle's Ethics.

PETER SAINT-ANDRE, email: <>, URL: <>, received a B.A. in philosophy and classics from Columbia University but now works full-time on Jabber, an open-source Internet infrastructure project. He is active as a poet, musician, translator, and essayist. He edits a literary webzine at <> and has published a well-regarded online dictionary of philosophy at <>. His essays have appeared in Full Context, Liberty, Objectivity, Reason Papers, and Summa Philosophiae.

CHRIS MATTHEW SCIABARRA, Visiting Scholar, Department of Politics, New York University, 726 Broadway, 7th floor, New York, New York 10003, email: <>; url: <>, is the author of the "Dialectics and Liberty Trilogy," which includes Marx, Hayek, and Utopia (SUNY Press, 1995), Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical (Penn State Press, 1995), and Total Freedom: Toward a Dialectical Libertarianism (Penn State Press, 2000). He is also co-editor, with Mimi Reisel Gladstein, of Feminist Interpretations of Ayn Rand (Penn State Press, 1999). His articles and letters on popular culture and music have appeared in publications as diverse as the New York Daily News, Billboard, Just Jazz Guitar, Jazz Times, and The Free Radical.

DARRIN WALSH, independent scholar living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, on the Canadian prairies, e-mail: <>, studied Mathematics, English and Philosophy at the University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. His interest in Ayn Rand began in high school when he read The Fountainhead. His favorite philosophers include Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Kant and Spinoza.

LELAND B. YEAGER, Department of Economics, College of Business, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama 36849-5242, email: <>, is Paul Goodloe McIntire Professor of Economics Emeritus at the University of Virginia and Ludwig von Mises Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Economics at Auburn University. His most recent book is Ethics as Social Science: The Moral Philosophy of Social Cooperation (Edward Elgar, 2001).




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